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And because I'm generous (or, you know, wanted to feel semi-productive while watching all these trash movies), I decided to rank them.

Like all good rankings, this is, of course, completely subjective – not an indication of which movies are better (objectively, they are all bad), but rather which ones I enjoyed the most. But there's a very, very fine line between so-bad-it's-good and just plain bad, and unfortunately this one falls heavily on the latter side.

So grab some eggnog and figgy pudding (whatever that is), and get ready to become an expert on royal Christmas movies without having to sacrifice 14 hours of your life to them (unless you want to, of course, which I would completely support tbh, because this was a lot of fun). For one, it's set in Hollywood, and both the royalty and Christmassy vibes you come to these movies for are dialled way down (and super tacky when they do appear – I'm talking obviously plastic crowns, folks).

And Katie is so obsessed with Christmas in New York because she thinks it's magical, but Montsaurai is literally a Christmas village?! But I cackled with glee at several scenes, including one where a bunch of Santas tried to create a diversion so Katie and Jack can get five minutes of alone time.And Katie inexplicably has an American accent (come on, we all know vaguely European royalty should sound British! I really enjoyed the gender-flipped plot, plus the main couple had a bit of chemistry, which is always nice.See, Prince Duncan of Balemont (Kirk Barker) is trying to escape a marriage to a complete stranger, so he runs away from his vaguely European country to America, where his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and he meets and falls for another complete stranger – our heroine, Emma (Viva Bianca). My thoughts: The best way to explain how I felt about this movie is to give you a peek into the notes I took while watching it.He hides the fact he's a prince, of course, and Emma's precocious teen sister (who she's raising because their parents died a few years back – ON CHRISTMAS, of course) does a spot of matchmaking, until the truth blows up in all their faces. Here are some of the highlights:-this is some soap opera acting-Rex Manning and Kelly Le Brock are the king and queen?!?!?! Rating: 4/10 What it's about: This one really switches things up because the WOMAN is brunette and the man is blonde. This one also features a king, not a prince – King Maximillian of Winshire (Rupert Penry-Jones), to be exact.A pleasant shocker will hit for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) on January 8.

Annika Noelle will debut in the role of Hope, so Brooke will be thrilled to have her daughter home again.On Instagram, B&B released a picture from Noelle’s first scene. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) has his arms around Brooke, so it appears Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) won’t win the battle for her heart anytime soon.Brooke has been through a lot thanks to Ridge and Bill (Don Diamont). Thorne and Ridge both want Brooke, but they’ll just have to be patient.Rating: 6/10 What it's about: Maggie (Merritt Patterson) gets dragged along by her token black friend on a European holiday to Calpurnia, where she bumps into a charming guy with a British accent named Adrian (Jack Donnelly) who rides a motorbike, does magic tricks and, oh yeah, turns out to be the prince! After some googling, Maggie discovers he has a playboy reputation, but Adrian proves to her he's REALLY got a kind heart and no commitment issues at all. My thoughts: OK, I took A LOT of notes while watching this one.A key selection:-OK the prince is very handsome-Her Majesty texts!-“what happens in Calpurnia stays in Calpurnia”-omg he came back and stole her hat he totally has a boner for her-HE STOLE HER WATCH WITH MAGIC-“Assembled members…