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Thus the earth could not be over 6,000 or 7,000 years old.This magnetic decay process is not a local process, such as one would find in uranium, but is global.

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These scars appear as spheres (rings when views in cross-section) in the rock surrounding a crystal rich with decaying radioactive atoms.

The size of the halo is a signature of the energy of the emission and therefore the element and isotope involved. Gentry; both are discussed in detail in chapter 3, Origin of the Earth, and in his book, Nature’s Tiny Mystery.

Age is an effect of time, not an intrinsic property of matter.

The only way to indirectly determine the age of an artifact is through comparative analysis against a similar artifact of known age.

It has been accurately measured for over 150 years, and is not subject to environmental changes since it is generated deep in the earth’s interior.

If any fundamental planetary process ought to be a reliable indicator of the earth’s age, it should be our earth’s magnetic field–and that field indicates an upper limit significantly less than 10,000 years for the age of the earth.Uranium and thorium are subject to alpha decay, i.e.they emit alpha particles, which are actually nuclei of helium.Thus if the zircons were really 1.5 billion years old, as conventionally assumed, then nearly all the helium should have dissipated from the samples.Furthermore, accelerated decay appears to have produced a billion years worth of helium within not more than 6000 years, give or take 2000.Creationists use these halos in several ways to suggest problems with the standard uniformitarian model. Zircon crystals were taken in core samples from five levels of a 15,000-foot (45,720 dm) shaft in New Mexico, with temperatures always above 313 °C (595.4 °F).