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Mrs Hunt looked from girl to girl as they stood at the side of the pool waiting for the start signal.

Mrs Hunt was the sports mistress and also the Deputy Headmistress.

Dell hated working on holidays, away from home, all alone, and bored stiff, not a 'very pleasant way to spend Christmas day, and worse yet, the surroundings really sucked, 'seeing as he was a deputy sheriff of Hall County, and had jail duty for the day...

Ellie was the third member of the team and she lost a little bit of ground, but it was always known that she was probably the weakest of the team.

Nevertheless, she was still in the lead when she got back after her second length. She was the strongest swimmer of all the girls and she eased herself further in to the lead.

The girls as well tended to be competitive when it came to swimming.

Mrs Hunt reckoned she had ogled the girls for long enough so counting down pressed the start button.

Mrs Hunt watched Grace with a smile as she remembered giving her a spanking just the other day.

She recalled seeing the eighteen-year-old look really fit in her short-sleeved gingham school dress which showed off her well-toned arms.The man she was forced to say goodbye too comes back and grants a Christmas wish he didn't even know existed.The story about one magical night between two people who have been seperated for far too long...Jodie was the second member of the leading team and she eagerly dived in as soon as Becky touched the side.She was not quite as strong as Becky, but even so managed to extend the lead to about five feet by the time she returned after the second length.However, she had to start the next race, and so her attention was diverted as she went back to the starters end of the pool. She won’t come anywhere near her office.” Becky smiled and replied, “Okay, then.