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Changes: Need some way for the leader to select different bases. Also working on 52 ships to have the standard weld script, so no parts fall off any longer. WE DO NOT REFUND LOSSES BY OWN BASE WITHOUT VIDEO PROOF.

Join the Galaxy Group to be always up-to-date with news, updates & all sorts of other fancy stuff! .55h1 is the latest version, fixed a lot of Glitches.

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Acceleration & Stopping warp is yet to be optimized. Squares on Navigation GUI should be bigger for closer things, smaller for further things. Some ships having mass problems, causing them to drop down in warp or normal speed: Turrets, fighters are currently not included as mass, will add in the mass script. Warp Bubble too big on some Ships: Use something different as mass to determine size of warp bubble. .54e6 is the latest Version, should have fixed the MB Spawning Glitch. Changes to Ship Movement: Added Negative Speed, you will be able to see a grayscale on your Speedo'meter. Black Flare was replaced due to it's main model being un-editable to functionality. Changes to Ships: Fixed a lot of Ships that had Problems in various ways. Make NPC's use the bubble warp technology for long distance targets Only ships (and bases) destroyed by your team are lootable. .55d3 is the latest version, fixed MB spawning - 47 Ships were edited. Leaders of faction can choose bases of which they want to manage now. To stop Windows Installer service, do the following: error message due to corrupted registry or other third-party apps.

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This is rather simple, and you can do it by following these steps: error message, you might be able to fix the problem simply by disabling Windows Installer service.

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