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Demand will be sustained by research-based companies seeking proximity to University City's educational and medical centers, as well as businesses such as law firms demanding easy access to New York and Washington via 30th Street Station, Anderson said.

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Environmental is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about starting your career as an Environmental Scientist.

We offer information on all aspects of becoming and working as an Environmental Scientist, including: Environmental Scientists have rewarding, challenging, and well-paying careers that offer excellent opportunities for growth and advancement.

New York's SHo P Architects will develop the area's master plan and architectural standards, while the Dutch firm West 8 designs its streets and open spaces.

Brandywine's deal with Drexel gives the developer a long-term lease for the property, and grants the university first dibs on space in Schuylkill Yards' new and redeveloped buildings - along with favorable leasing terms - for classrooms, offices and labs.

It is one of the fastest growing fields in employment in the United States according the US Labor Bureau.

Environmental Scientists work with the Earth's Resources.The partners aim to break ground before the end of this year on the park outside 30th Street Station.Next will come renovation of the 1950s Bulletin newspaper building just to the west, since redubbed One Drexel Plaza, with a new sieve-like facade.Work on the first new construction project, a tower of labs and offices at the northeast corner of 31st Street and John F. Also anticipated is a mixed-use skyscraper west of the former newspaper building, which Sweeney said could rise as high as 950 feet, towering over the 730-foot tall FMC Tower.In later decades, development will shift to a four-acre area consisting of both Drexel- and Brandywine-owned property, bounded by Market, 30th, Chestnut and 31st Streets.The first step will be to seek a zoning overlay to ease later planning approvals, Sweeney said.