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"We're not aware of any surveillance activity," the spokesperson said.

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That was before turning its attention to the Xbox Live service.SEE ALSO: Who Really Attacked Sony and Microsoft’s Networks?The companies also want greater transparency from governments on what demands it makes of security agencies, and a greater respect for the free flow of information."People won't use technology they don't trust," Microsoft's legal boss Brad Smith commented.A September 2008 memo from GCHQ suggested that the agency was able to listen to voice chat on Xbox Live.

Agents had "successfully been able to get the discussions between different game players on Xbox Live", the report noted.End the greed.” It’s worth noting that DDo S attacks are designed to flood a system’s servers with artificially high traffic and not access encrypted information, but rather disrupt access and overwhelm a service to the point where it must shut down.The Play Station Network and Sony Entertainment Network were hit by “an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic,” Sony said Sunday in a blog post.", one analyst wrote, and offer an alternative "target-rich communications network" to the more traditionally-monitored forms of communication.Games were somewhere that targets could still "hide in plain sight".However, Sony charges a year for gamers to play multiplayer games on the Play Station 4. As of July, Sony had sold 10 million Play Station 4 videogame consoles.