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Hefner claimed to “love women.” He certainly loved to look at women, or at least the type of women who fit a very particular model.

He loved to make money by selling images of women to other men who “love women.” He certainly met a lot of women, had sex with a lot of women, talked to a lot of women.

'It's weird, because you don't hear the voice': Hugh explained how he would interact with a stick or petite actress in place of the CGI-created Paddington Bear during filming, but never actually heard the voice (done by actor Ben Whishaw)However, Hugh quickly continued: 'Now I hear the voice, because now I'm doing a TV series with Ben Whishaw (the voice of Paddington the bear).''...

and last night I was having sex with him, we play a gay couple.

And women didn’t have equal access to sexual pleasure, either – a dynamic Hefner helped to foster.

While “free love” meant that men increasingly faced lower barriers to sexual access, it did not mean those same men tried to sexually please and cater to the women they had sex with, nor take responsibility for any unanticipated result – an infection, a pregnancy.Transexual Personals is a tranny dating site, helping you date horny and sexy tranny singles in your local area.Join now and instantly search through thousands of tranny profiles looking to hookup with someone like you!Hefner advocated for contraception and abortion rights, sure, but because those things benefited men’s sex lives, not because they were necessary components of female freedom.He didn’t fundamentally challenge a view of sex as something women provide to men and that is primarily about male pleasure and experience, with women in a performative role.If anything, he took that existing sexual imbalance and magnified it, creating a brand that is synonymous with sexualized women being gazed at as things a man might want to acquire.