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The portal will contain past reports dating back to Fall 2013 when the web-based SETE system was first established on campus.

We recommend reviewing the SETE reports portal guide and FAQs before accessing the portal.

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Clemens said people may not be aware of the variety of reasons they turn to online dating sites.

"I don't think people are necessarily thinking about why they are going on them," he explained.

Hipsters, nerds, bros, fashionistas, skaters, sports fanatics and sorority girls coexist across San Francisco State University’s 142-acre campus.

The “typical” SF State student doesn’t exist because the university is indelibly individualistic in nature.

For Faculty who were hired after Fall 2007 or who have chosen to be reviewed under the "new" RTP policy: Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Policy #F16-241 For Faculty who were hired before Fall 2007 and who have chosen to be reviewed under the "old" RTP policies: OLD Retention & Tenure Policy # S88-120 OLD Promotion Policy # F04-028 2017-2018 Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Deadline Calendar Departmental Criteria Standards for Curriculum Vitae WPAF Divider Sheets (Senate Policy # F16-241) WPAF Divider Sheets (Senate Policy #s S88-120 and S04-028) WPAF: Adding Materials After RTP Closing Date Outside Reviews in WPAF--Recommendations for Process Preparing for Tenure and Promotion Handbook Preparing for Tenure and Promotion Handbook ( AS #S88-120 and #F04-028) Evaluating Service Tenure Only Promotion to Associate Professor Only Tenure and Promotion to Associate Only Old vs.

Your personality and sexual orientation could affect how you use online dating sites -- even if your uses do not include finding a life partner, according to a new study led by SF State researcher Chris Clemens.It is the only university in California to offer a bachelor's degree in technical and professional writing. Faculty and department contacts can access the SETE reports portal at https://edu.Academic Technology supports the technical implementation of the Academic Senate policy.If you have specific questions that are not included on this SETE Information site, please contact: [email protected] 415-405-5555.For the most part, the student population at SF State resembles that of any college campus in California—except on a typical day, students will be wrapped up in several layers to match the chilly fog that often descends upon the campus.