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While not a knee-slapper, in one joke, we’ve summed up our persistence, determination, and uncommon flexibility! Quirky, no-nonsense, funny, Marnie – writer, editor, author, lecturer, clinician, and administrator -- is a straight-shooter, who has a distinctive voice and takes on the world in her columns, features, and books.

“My people,” he said, we have three days to learn how to live under water.” I always ended my Joy/Oy calendars with this joke.

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In this part, I’ve chosen a sampling of my favorite jokes that reflect our Yiddish kops and offer a brief opinion about why these are special and “Jewish.” Enjoy! Yet, we also have an uncanny gift for knowing when to simplify (and give our hoo-ha kinder a bissel k-nock). Solly and Max were describing their fishing expeditions with great relish.

” We Jews discuss, debate, argue the most complex matters of religion, tradition, politics. I don't know much about it, but I presume you could sum it up in one sentence: ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’" The rabbi smiled, then said, "And what do you do for a living? Well," said the rabbi, "I don't know much about it, but I presume I too, could sum it up in one sentence: ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star -- how I wonder what you are.’” Brilliant, wise, witty … And we do so beautifully with a well-timed, clever and if required – sarcastic remark.

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(She’s still deciding which.) She was also chosen as a Distinguished Woman in Las Vegas in March of 2014.

Even 60 years ago in Russia, we knew the answer, 1-2-3. ” The IDF aside, most Jews believe in negotiation and compromise.

we make my fish five pounds and you put your light out! DARWIN- SHMARWIN Jennifer Finkel, a gansa “Ivy” freshman, brought home equally pompous pals. And by all means, challenge me with your favorites! "Once in Florida," said Solly, "I caught a fish so huge, it took three men to shlep it in! "I once caught a lamp, with a date engraved on it -- 1492, when Columbus discovered America! In three days, the waters would wipe out the world. ” SO, A LITTLE MORE TSOURIS A new flood was predicted and nothing could prevent it.Jewish humor is distinctive because it comes from a culture that has, for thousands of years, felt special but has been forced to suffer. The true Jewish joke reflects a unique mindset; our witty, hysterical, often irreverent view of the world and the people in it – and us.