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A gay skinhead, also known as a gayskin or queerskin, is a gay person who identifies with the skinhead subculture, sometimes (though not necessarily) out of sexual interest.

Some gay skinheads have a sexual fetish for skinhead clothing styles.

How ambivalent was the relationship between the skins and working-class black culture, as expressed in ska and Northern soul?

But the focus of both book and show is the classic British skinhead – who Mott describes as "just great".

They may have been simplistic, he says, "but they knew what they stood for".

Here you'll find all sorts of variations and themes explored.

Was the style's gay appropriation subversion, self-protecting camouflage or fetishisation of the oppressor?

Like old Teds and scooter boys, they have their Facebook groups and reunion outings. As far as Mott knows, they didn't go on to be particularly active in nationalist politics – although one of the book's contributors, Joseph Pearce, was prominent in the UK National Front's youth wing, published its magazine (which landed him in prison for racism) and was associated with extreme right-wing figures well into his twenties. He now takes his religion very seriously, and is director of the Centre for Faith and Culture at Aquinas College, Tennessee.

This site is open to all non political GAY SKINS and FETISH MEN from all over the world .

I grew up in genteel Harrogate, and I remember the day the Leeds Clockwork came to town.

These guys had given Clockwork Orange a bootboy-makeover, and Christ, they were frightening: baggy white jeans, shortened to display 14-lacehole Cherry Reds, collarless white shirts and braces, eye liner, a bowler hat here, a stout cane there. Emerging from the train station, they split up in pairs, causing us to rush into the cafés where we gathered to tell breathless tales of street chases. But as suddenly as they arrived in town, they disappeared – and the same could be said of their subculture.

He got his nickname from a distinctive character trait; "Skinhead" had very short, close-cropped hair.

Along with Match and 3-D, the adult Skinhead served as one of Biff's bodyguards at Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel in 1985A.

He still had his crewcut, though his hair was now gray rather than brown.