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“I’m sorry, but don’t judge someone you don’t even know.” I studied the otter. ” “And you’re a squirrel.” Babycheeks’ head went up. He is a proud member of the Liberty Hall writing forum. By the time I reached Sarah, my patience was as worn as my voice.

(For Classic Flashes, it all goes to support Flash Fiction Online.) Payments are through Pay Pal, and you can use a credit card or your Pay Pal account. Santos was born in Manila, raised in the Bronx, and is currently lost in Yonkers. Graffiti, pollution, sirens invading our eyes and nostrils and ears — ” “Wait. When Sarah smiled, my squirrel ran across the table and high-fived Skwidgie. We split donations, with 60% going to the author and 40% to us to keep the flashes coming.In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.If you need to cancel you may be eligible for a refund or event rain check, based on our cancellation policy, provided you contact us before the event day. ” “Algonquin.” “Go ahead and sit at table H.” She pointed to a room with two dozen mini-tables configured in an oval. She sat sideways, as though the 90-degree angle would grant privacy. More revolting was her totem, a ball covered with spiky stalks.

“Never watched it.” Babycheeks reminded me we’d rehearsed “safe questions” yesterday. ” “No, my friend dragged me, but she left for an emergency.

We stared at each other, quietly curious, completely still.

I need to make people laugh.” The bell rang, but I didn’t move.

He claims to work in human resources for a non-profit company, but when pressed for details, he quickly changes the subject.

My night’s been filled with scorpions, hyenas, and peacocks. It’s the only cute city animal that still lives free.” “Maybe I — did you call me cute? Like many people, his lifelong dream is to train squirrels in the ways of the Force.

If Babycheeks — my totem and spirit-guide — answered, it was lost beneath the bar’s raucous gabble of small talk and pick-up lines. She explained that we’d have five minutes for each “date,” which began when the bell rang. “Elise.” Her handshake was a dead fish, and she reeled it back immediately.