Symantec endpoint protection client not updating definitions

Whether it’s GUP focused or another SEP function, now you can spend more time fixing problems instead of researching them.

However, if you do not want to use Live Update or if Live Update is not available, you can use an Intelligent Updater file to update clients.The Intelligent Updater files for Windows are designed to update the clients only.On the next heartbeat interval the client will then download the definition from the GUP.If the client is not able to download the definition from the GUP due to the amount of time it takes or if the GUP is unavailable, it will then default to pulling definitions from the SEPM.Depending on how you publish definitions within your environment, something else to consider is the difference between cheap and expensive bandwidth.

In some environments client communication will go over the WAN while Internet traffic will traverse through a cheaper local ISP.

Once clients have been installed and operating normally the definition updates are normally between 40kb-200kb.

These updates occur roughly three times a day on average.

Depending on how clients are chosen to be GUPs, the antivirus team will need to be aware of any system decommissions.

We have run into scenarios where SEP administrators have configured remote client desktops as GUPs.

This is the same whether you have ten clients over the remote WAN link or two hundred.