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It’s clear AR succeeds at getting users to stand up and get mobile, and I found myself walking in circles to inspect other parts of a virtual scene and even crouching down to try and get eye level with some objects and architecture.Of the 35 or so Tango apps now available, a small handful have practical business purposes.

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Imagine being able to know exactly how an art print or new couch looks in your apartment, and not just by the measurement numbers, but with a virtual representation of the finished scene.

Until there's more devices out there with Tango tech — and thats not happening until next year, at least — this all feels very much like an experimental test phase for AR. That's both because Pokémon Go proved there's an appetite for these type of mobile experiences, and Google is convinced it's only a matter of time before every phone makes the jump to 3D mapping.

Now a few months after the game’s launch, the first fully capable AR smartphone has started shipping.

It’s Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro, and under the hood it contains the hardware and software neccesary to use Google’s Tango AR technology. It just haphazardly plunked down a virtual creature square in the middle of the screen.) Niantic’s creation showed people how powerful an experience can be when you plant software in the real world and let people interact with one another.

big Phab2 Pro was originally scheduled for retail release this summer, a date that eventually got pushed back to a fairly vague fall timeframe, casting some doubt on whether the first handset to leverage Google’s Tango system would ever see the light of day.

Now, a day after the announcement of several key pieces of Google hardware, the mythical phablet has gotten a slightly more definite timeframe.Lenovo announced that its Phab 2 Pro would be the first phone to ship with Google Tango.And now, following early estimates of a November release window after a delay from the original summer date, we know exactly when that day will be: November 1st.I tried a number of apps, all of which go live today on the Google Play Store, that were designed specifically for Lenovo’s Tango-equipped phone.(Some were created as part of Google's Tango App Incubator program.) There’s a Hot Wheels game made by Mattel that creates a virtual test track to send race cars down.Lee thinks of Tango’s technology much like GPS, which transformed the utility of mobile phones and, years later, helped give birth to services like Uber.