Updating gem 1 3

It includes a Rake task that will help you with the upgrade: ➜ myproject git:(develop) ✗ bundle exec rake rails4:check ** GEM COMPATIBILITY CHECK ** ------------------------------------------ ---------------------------- | Dependency Path | Rails Requirement | ------------------------------------------ ---------------------------- | devise 2.1.4 | railties ~➜ myproject git:(develop) ✗ bundle outdated Fetching gem metadata from For many, Cocoa Pods is the first introduction to dependency management in programming projects.

updating gem 1 3-21

It serves as a drop-in replacement for people who want to use Can Can after upgrading to Rails 4.

Along with the e-book I mentioned, the author released a gem which you can add to your Rails 3 project. Resolving dependencies..........................................

There are already quite a few guides in the wild to help with the upgrade of Rails 3.2 to Rails 4.0.

The official Rails guide for upgrading from Rails 3.2 to 4.0 is very thorough.

Ruby Installer-2.5.0-1 brings some new features and makes the switch to Open SSL-1.1.0.

See the ruby-2.5.0 release post and the the Ruby Installer CHANGELOG for more details.

Often in-between releases you may be interested in using a Gemfile to work with an unreleased version of Cocoa Pods.

Due to the size of the project we try to release slowly when we're sure it won't break projects.

With the recent release of Rails 5.0, apps currently in production running Rails 3.2 should probably be updated to any stable Rails 4 release as soon as possible.

There is even an e-book about upgrading from Rails 3 to 4, which serves as a useful guide to make this upgrade easier, and also helps understand the advantages & disadvantages of this new (soon to be old) version.

We took this idea almost whole-sale for Cocoa Pods.