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The one worksheet is a splash screen that says something to the effect of "You're not going to see anything until you enable macros".If macros are enabled, then the splash screen is hidden, and all the other worksheets are made visible.Hi, could someone point me in the right direction to the best simplest way to password protect an excel workbook so that a password has to be entered before going to the first worksheet, whether someone enables macros or not.

Visible = xl Sheet Visible For Each ws In This Workbook. I have added a password to my workbook via save as Can't you just have an Excel open password? You set a password to open on the Save As/Tools/General Options box. My grandfather was ill, and my grandmother smeared goose-grease on his back. Glenn: Yea recently added that password to my workbook, works great just havent got a different sheet to pop up if someone doesnt enable macros. The setup i have is: User opens workbook: enters the password to get in.

All sheets are hidden and protected apart from the first 'Menu' sheet.

Download: gl Win Simple.zip, gl Win.zip, Orbit MVC paradigm is to divide an application into 3 separate components; Model, View and Controller components in order to minimize dependencies between them.

Model component is the brain part of the application, which contains all application data and implementations to tell how the application behaves.

Sheets Titles, introducer, reason, passedto hold the data that is used in the combo boxes, they are hidden and protected.

Button 2 goes to a userform to maintain these sheets without being able to go into them, so the user selects the combobox to edit using radio buttons and a listbox shows whats in there, they then add or delete what they want to.

Or alternatively, reverse the procedure when the workbook is closed, saving the file as part of the process. Here is some code that embodies Walkenbach's suggestions. Screen Updating = True End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Open()Dim ws As Worksheet, ws Splash As Worksheet Dim Pswd As String Pswd="my Password"Application.

I've modified it so Sheet1 won't display unless the user enters the correct password. Screen Updating = False Set ws Splash = Worksheets("Splash screen")ws Splash. Name="Sheet1" Then If Input Box("Please enter your password")=Pswd Then ws. Visible = xl Sheet Visible End If End If Next wsws Splash. Screen Updating = True End Sub Hi sorry for the wait, thanks for your help on this.

This article is about a MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework to create Open GL GUI applications on Windows platform.

MVC architecture is a common design framework for GUI applications, and is used in many GUI libraries, such as . The major benefits of this MVC framework are the complete separation of system-independent Open GL calls from Windows system and the universal message router for multiple windows.

You may want to modify that bit to give the user more than one chance to enter a valid password. Visible = xl Sheet Visible For Each ws In This Workbook. Can i ask for some pseudocode on what these subs are doing. I tried using it in my existing workbook, i added a splash screen worksheet and hid my menu sheet, disabling macros let me in, enabling opened and asked for a password and i entered one and the input box gave an error.