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Unpinned or pinned head can also be selected in Tracks Preferences.

Timeline Quick-Play provides a quick and convenient means to either start playback from any point within the current project or to playback a region of audio.

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This is particularly useful when finding the right place for a seamless loop.

Disable/Enable Timeline Tooltips: Timeline tooltips are visible when hovering over the Timeline.

You can change Audacity to play and record with a fixed head pinned to the center of the Timeline.

In this mode the head remains static and the waveforms will move as the audio is played or recorded.

Audacity allows the Play Region or Quick-Play Region to be locked.

While a region is locked, Timeline Quick-Play will temporarily over-ride the lock, replacing the red locked Play Region with the standard gray Quick-Play region, so allowing Quick-Play to be used.

The Timeline is not merely an indicator of audio position but can also be used to effect Quick-Play.

A particularly powerful use of the Timeline is in the creation of seamless loops.

They are useful for indicating whether Timeline Quick-Play is enabled.

Experienced users may find that the Timeline tooltips get in the way, so this option allows these tooltips to be disabled. Do not scroll while playing: By default the waveform scrolls when playing.

This indicates that the play or record head is now pinned to the center of the Timeline and when playing or recording takes place the waveform will move continuously under the fixed head.