Updating your database development skills to microsoft sql server 2016

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Don’t be fooled though, this tool is now 12 years old. NET application was created by SQL Server MVP Jasper Smith.

This article “The Reporting Services Scripter”, (written by Kevin Kline back in 2006) describes the tool with a now defunct link to its original download page.

However, IT professionals can update retired or legacy MCSA certifications to position themselves for emerging product offerings.

What better way to stand out for an upcoming Windows Server 2012 upgrade than to show your boss that you're certified in it?

With a distinct lack of up-to-date, fully featured or built-in options to get Reporting Services content cleanly from A to B, it can often be a challenging task maintaining proper Development and QA environments or even moving reports from a Share Point integrated installation to a native mode one, and vice versa.

I want to explore the two most efficient methods of bulk-migrating Reporting Services content & also explore other options I’ve used over the years and those that have come and gone.) been updated from Codeplex, though the supported SQL Server versions do go right up to 2016 which is promising. This method became part of my BI agile release process about a year ago though it is not without its own drawbacks.Prior to its inception, several days of my time were swallowed up re-building DEV or QA environments when they became too far out of date or some piece of work had impacted the content on a Report Server.You may still come across this first migration tool if you search for Reporting Services Migration or similar.There are several highly ranked links with publication dates in the last 5 years too!MCSE recertification is typically accomplished by completing a single recertification exam.