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However, I’ll also show you the steps needed to bypass this issue and help you validate Windows Store apps during the build process.First, let’s take a quick look at Team Foundation Service. Among the services offered by the product, you’ll likely focus on three major features to develop and deliver high-quality software: Source Code Management You can use the source control feature with your current tools and preferred language—virtually any kind of file (C#, C , HTML, PHP, Java and more) can be handled by the source controller.Unfortunately, you can’t attach an on-premises build agent to a hosted build controller.

Creating a new build agent is as simple as clicking on the New Agent link and then filling in the fields.In a real production environment, you might have more agents for your build controller, so to be sure that Windows Store apps will be built only by agents running on Windows 8, add a dedicated tag as shown in Figure 5.All the standard features of Team Build can be used by the Build Service, including continuous integration, nightly builds and gated check-in builds.Moreover, the build template it uses is fully customizable.There’s even a “ready to go” template for doing continuous deployment on Azure (you can check in code in the source control and see its updates on Azure Web sites).

The Build Service is hosted on a build server deployed with Windows Server 2008 R2, Team Build, Visual Studio 2010 or later, and more (see the full list of required software and options at the bottom of this page: don’t need to get a Team Foundation Application Server, as you have the one from Team Foundation Service.Once the Build Service is installed, you can configure it using a dedicated team project collection.This isn’t required, but when you create the build definition later, you’ll be able to specify this tag to ensure that only this agent will be used for the build process.Figure 5 Creating a New Build Agent Before moving to the next part, you need to go to the Build Service properties and set it to run interactively.The default configuration is good for most applications—except Windows Store apps.