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Post-World War II, serial numbers were stamped into the headstock (some confusion might arise with older Gretsch guitars because numbering re-started after the war, but if the instrument has a “light bulb”-style headstock, it’s likely pre-war).

Finally, around 1949, reliable serial-number labels were placed on Gretsch guitars; inside the body and visible through the f hole on hollow-body models, and inside the control routing on solid-body and chambered models.

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He has been collecting, playing, and dealing in fine vintage guitars and rare guitars for more than 25 years.

Buying and selling guitars began as a hobby, until 1993, when he left the corporate world to make Gary's Classic Guitars his full-time career. 1967, with his high school band, "The Intensities".

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Here’s how original-era Gretsch sequential serial numbering generally works: Below 1000: Pre-World War II 10xx – 20xx: 1945-1947 (approx.) 20xx – 30xx: 1948-1949 (approx.) 30xx – 40xx: 1950 (approx.) 40xx – 50xx: 1951 (approx.) 50xx – 70xx: 1952 (approx.) 70xx – 90xx: 1953 90xx – 130xx: 1954 130xx – 180xx: 1955 180xx – 210xx: 1956 210xx – 260xx: 1957 (Note: 1,000 serial number labels misplaced in 1957 were found in 1965) 260xx – 300xx: 1958 300xx – 340xx: 1959 340xx – 390xx: 1960 390xx – 450xx: 1961 451xx – 530xx: 1962 530xx – 630xx: 1963 630xx – 770xx: 1964 770xx – 840xx: 1965 Note: The misplaced 1957 serial numbers mentioned above, along with a small number of odd four-digit serial numbers, surfaced in 19 during the transition to a new date-code system in mid 1966.