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You must not return undertake your viva and/or complete corrections on a general visitor visa.This guide addresses the period between the submission of your thesis and the day of your viva.If you wish to notify examiners of any disability or request adjustments on account of such disability for your viva voce examination (either for your first year assessment or final examination), you can do this via your Degree Committee by completing and submitting the voluntary disclosure form.

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This decision will be emailed to you by the Student Registry within two days of the Board of Graduate Studies meeting.Once you have received your reports you need to undertake the following: If you have been told directly by your Examiners or Degree Committee (and not the Student Registry) that you need to undertake corrections, you will need to follow their instructions taking note of the points above.The Degree Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Graduate Studies who will communicate its final decision to the candidate and all interested parties.If you require a visa to return to the UK for reinstatement, or to complete your studies thereafter, please contact the International Student Team as early as possible.You may be contacted by the DRC if additional information is required or to provide you with an offer of additional support.

The information provided on the voluntary disclosure form will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose Your Examiners are asked not to give any direct indication of the likely outcome of the examination as the official result can be confirmed only by the Board of Graduate Studies.

Count on three months from the date of the meeting to work out the due date for corrections.

You have 6 months in which to submit your corrected dissertation and list of corrections to your Examiner(s).

Following the meeting of the Board of Graduate Studies the Student Registry will email your reports, copied to your Supervisor.

Possible outcomes: [top] The Board of Graduate Studies may confirm that you need to make corrections to your dissertation before full approval can be granted for your degree.

See the pages on Submitting the Dissertation for further information.