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So, here are the ways to evaluate performance of snapshots consolidation process.

Firstly, act with caution, damage could have already been done. if you have powered it off.....there should be now space in use by the VM SWAP file, and also the virtual disks should not grow any more... If I have a 100GB data store, how much of that can I use to create a virtual disk?

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The and should be reviewed for the following errors: hostd.log: 2015-12-03T.782Z [363C2B70 info 'Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/55846daf-992a61d8-e034-3440b5c5c2e0/TESTVM1234WV/TESTVM1234WV.vmx'] Consolidate Disks failed: vim.fault.

Generic Vm Config Fault 2015-12-03T.782Z [363C2B70 verbose 'Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/55846daf-992a61d8-e034-3440b5c5c2e0/TESTVM1234WV/TESTVM1234WV.vmx'] Consolidate Disks message: The virtual machine has exceeded the maximum downtime of 12 seconds for disk consolidation.

How do I do that and is there any outage caused by doing this action to the currently running Production SQL Server VM.

Hi Andrew, It happened on the Yes, one of the HPE Lefthand LUN, but different to the other broken VMFS LUNs (separate 1 TB backup LUN): Only Disk 5 have this problem: [PRODSQL01_Backup] PRODSQL01/PRODSQL01-000003When I do the manual consolidation, I got this: Consolidate virtual machine disk files Unable to access file since it is locked An error occurred while consolidating disks: msg. I tried: language=en_US&cmd=display KC&external Id=2003638 but still not resolving my issue. it kills my SQL Server VM once again :-| I thought only the VM HDD 5 that is going to be impacted, but then how come the whole VM is now down ?

As a reminder, initialization of deleting snapshots in v Sphere Client with Delete All function leads to their immediate deletion from GUI, but at the storage, this process takes much time.

If an error occurs during deletion, then snapshot files may stay there on the storage.

At some point you may need to delete/consolidate virtual machine snapshots (Delete All button in Snapshot Manager), which is quite time-consuming and demanding in terms of storage performance.

Thus it would be a good thing to know in advance how much time it takes.

An ANS2718W message may be observed in the client error log: ANS2718W The virtual machine 'TESTVM1234WV' requires snapshot consolidation The ANS2718W message indicates that snapshot consolidation may be failing.