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I remember when I was really young I was reading books about medieval torture because I’ve always had that sort of thing and my mom was like, ok so tell me why you’re reading it.

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But then I think it’s kind of strange because I feel that some of the backslide is that women are objectifying each other in the name of liberation, like it’s cool to be one of the boys.

You might think you’re getting respect in a roundabout kind of way.

The Birthday Massacre is a synth-rock band formed in 1999 and based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The current lineup consists of Chibi (vocals), Rainbow (guitars and programming), Michael Falcore (guitars), Owen (keyboards), Nate Manor (bass), and Rhim (drums). There, they recorded another limited edition demo, this time with five songs.

Their sound is mostly a fusion of alternative rock, new wave, industrial, and synthpop. The group originated in London, Ontario under the name Imagica, inspired from the novel "Imajica" by Clive Barker. In 2002, the band adopted the name The Birthday Massacre in order to avoid confusion with a metal band.

Owen joined on live keyboards and in August, the band began a series of international tours taking them to Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Belgium.

Also in August 2005, a DVD consisting of a video for the song "Blue" was released.But I definitely think things are getting better and a lot more people are aware and people identify as feminists. I read an interview that you did with Eric Blair some years ago where you were advising people not to commit suicide during dark times because things do get better.But then there are people who are, “I’m not a feminist, I’m an equalist,” because they don’t know what feminism actually is about. Do you feel that many bands within your genre have a tendency to glorify suicide and self-harm through band names, lyrics and imagery?It also included behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, a studio performance of "Nevermind" as well as live performances of "Violet" and "Video Kid". On 11 September 2007 the band released their third album .The centerpiece of the DVD was the Dan Ouellette-directed video for "Blue". It was recorded in Hamburg, Germany in Autumn 2007. On 9 August 2011 the band released the EP Artist descriptions on are editable by everyone. All user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.Imagine a horror film soundtrack influenced by The Cure, Visage, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Evanescence and Marilyn Manson and topped by a vocal style swinging between demonic possession and sugar sweet early Madonna-esque pop. It’s such a cool town just to be in and then you pair that with everyone in black taking over the city. Have you taken in any of the general election over here? When we were in Scotland I saw some speeches by a woman. Your novel, , was published recently and one of themes is the sexism within music. I think there’s a lot of jerks and misogyny in the world regardless of what industry you work in.