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thanks its in very good shape still runs like to keep it in the family thank u very much. ALan New Hampshire - USA Fri Aug 07 2009 aklsp at Old Motobecane Motobecane 50 cc I think I have an old yellow motobecane (1970's I think. motobecane 'moby' 150cc Hi i'm looking for a cylinder and piston for my 1958 moby scooter, i belive it to be a type 150 cc p engine as that is what it states on the manual i have with it.canada Tue Feb 16 2010 HJironside at aol dot com history on our bike motobecane MB1 we have found a MB1 registration number 2363 G/V 1 with a brass plaque on the cross bar J. I would really like to restore this bike as it used to belong to my grandad and looks very unusual. I've attached some photo's of what the bike should look is not on the front stalk mount where the stem is lacated not under the side panels and not in the tool box, so i am stumped as i have to get it MOT with no log book i have the engine number, any info would be greatly appreciated, many thanks england owners manual motobecane 50 hello i have a blue motobecane cady moped my dad got back in 1975 or 1976 not sure we have had it since rode it 4 a few years n has been in storage since do u know if there is a owners manual still avaliable? I also have a Renault 1934 primaquatra and an old Tractor - I need some expert help.

thanks so much South America Fri Nov 28 2008 Handiman542001 at yahoo dot com motobecane type 40T Motobecane 40T I have acquired this bike and is in great condition, but has no engine. I don't know how to take off the front tire though. Hamilton Fri Sep 05 2008 jd9400pete at motobecane runabilty 50v mobyliet ? Thanks Scotland Mon Aug 04 2008 sangia32 at hotmail dot com I need a part for my bike mobylette 50 Novi PB 125440 I have a 1977 mobylette 50 moped. serial # 05827445 Novi-PB 125440 as soon as possible washington dc Fri Aug 01 2008 stevenmatichuk at hotmail dot com fuel leak Mobylette V44 (I think) Here is a link to a picture of the bike: It has a mysterious fuel leak that is causing unburned fuel to pool in the exhaust. Thanks for any help, Steve (in Toronto) Toronto, Canada Sun Jul 27 2008 ucabears30 at yahoo dot com parts for a 19 Motebecane 50v i need to find an air intake cover and a new air filter and i also need some side covers and a new kill switch. any help on finding parts would be greatly appreciated. Canada Mon Jun 02 2008 gary.kempsey at jerseytelecom dot com Motobecane motobecane 51VL Hi. Could someone tell me the mix i sould be using as no manual came with it.

dose the the moped drag down the engine at every stop sign to the point of engine stopage requireing a re pedal to go agin ...? I have thought that replacing the carb, or at least rebuilding it with new gaskets might be the answer. Any suggestions on where i could look to find these parts? France Sat Dec 08 2007 rowlandcrew at gmail dot com motobecane piston/rings 1948 motobecane poney 50cc I am looking for a piston/ rings for a 1948 poney 50cc motobecane moped.

Maine, USA Sat Apr 22 2006 u-salbuquerq at Gas to Oil Ratio 1980 Motobecane Sebring Hello.

I just purchased a 1980 Motobecane Sebring and i was wondering if you happened to know the gas to oil ratio. MA Sun Feb 26 2006 heresdaveagain at aol dot com 1975 Motobecane Mobylette I have a 1975 Motobecane Mobylette moped that I am interested in selling.

Vaughan, Ontario Mon Sep 10 2007 stephanedionne3 at Serial number missing 1973 Motobecane Cady Hi! The motor is is detached and i'm missing the carburetor.

My name is stephane and I just bought a Cady moped. Canada Fri Sep 07 2007 malardpl at aol dot com choke linkage removal for 77 motobecane 1977 motobecane 50S Does anyone out there know how to take the choke linkage brass spring cartridge out of the carburator on my motobecane 50S 1977, if I can do it I am home free fixing my motorbike. UK looking for tyres 2.5 x 9 inch motobecane cm x1 49.9cc can anyone help me find a pair of new 9"x 2.5" tyres. wales Tue Jul 24 2007 anthofl at aol dot com Carburetor Motobecane Mobylette I have bike similar to the 1979 model shown on page. Could you assist me in getting one and where i can get it, the price etc. Oregon Tue May 22 2007 ovensy at au Motobecane My father who is very ill has given me this Motobecane. Thank you for coming back to me and I attach a photo of the bike when I picked it up.usa Mon Aug 18 2008 burkes3gz at zoomtown dot com clutch tool 1978 motobecane 50v Does anybody know where I can get a tool to pull the clutch off my 78 motobecane or know the thread size that screws into the clutch drum so I can make my own tool? Arkansas Fri Jul 25 2008 robes001 at hotmail dot com 1968 Cady Moped Carborator needed 1968 Cady Moped TUM - 143 NEPCO i need a carborator for a : 1968 CADY MOPED 49.9CC NEPCO PAT. anyone have a line on parts or recent work restoring the postware models?Thanks ohio Mon Aug 11 2008 e-fetter at hotmail dot com Cylinder kit motobecane av92 (engine av7) I need a new cylinder kit for my av92. USA Thu Nov 15 2007 aval1993 at yahoo dot com Information 1980 Motobecane Hello, my name is Avelino Valencia and I just got a ca 1980 Motobecane Motor driven cycle manufactured in 04-1980 by Delateliers France S.The strange thing is I have been told that parts are still available in France (where I live) but I have not tested that yet.Thanks a lot Andrew Thu Apr 12 2007 anthofl at aol dot com Carburetor Motobecane Mobylette I what appears to Motobecane Mobylette c 1979. USA Fri Dec 01 2006 malcolm-ross at uk tyres motobecane mobyx moped can u still buy tyres for the above the tyre size is 10/ /2/ 3/4 devon ..............collector Motobecane motoconfort AU 37 or AU 44 i have these 2 bikes and require some spairs, anyone has 2 complete wheels 600x50B front and back to sell, i also need foot pedals and handlebar rubbers??? NET Motocebane motor bike help motocebane type-d 45 I have this motorbike no motor and need any info anyone can help me with.