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Although there was 16 years between this pair, they dated from 2002 to 2003 and Bullock was said to be devastated when it ended. After meeting at the 2002 Grammys, Jackson admitted to their having a brief fling.

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“And this was the perfect time for it.” creator Elizabeth Meriwether says the kiss flowed organically out of a creative process that prizes improvisation and writes to the cast’s individual strengths and group dynamics.

That doesn’t mean the writers room doesn’t drive the storytelling or plotting, though.

For example, the Halloween episode, in which Jess dresses up a zombie Woody Allen.

Says Meriwether: “I did dress up as a young, slutty Woody Allen at a Halloween party, which is where that idea came from.

Together for seven years, Parker put up with his excessive drink and drug problems, pulling him out of hangovers on a daily basis. Even though they're both happily married to other people, they'll always have love for each other. However, apparently Kutcher was a shit boyfriend and reportedly told Jones that she's never be any good at acting.

Eh, In the 1990s, long before Vergara was famous for playing Gloria, she was known mostly as Enrique's GF.

They're both hot AF so we totally get why they were a thing. Hmm, don't think Simon Cowell's ego would be too pleased about that.

In the early 90s, Banks appeared in a couple of episodes of in 1981, they quickly moved in together and lasted a couple of years. Although 12 years apart in age, and before Bynes' huge meltdown, these two dated briefly in 2008.

The actress wore a classic and simple embroidered tulle dress, which was custom made by American Sachin & Babi. Zooey’s dress is made only for her by Sachin & Babi, so is unfortunately not available to buy.

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Mirren has since admitted that "it was difficult to let go." Awh. Circa 2008, Moby revealed that he and the Oscar-winning Harvard graduate had had a brief encounter.